For the smooth running of ESF lessons and courses, please comply with the following rules:

  • Have your lesson card/ticket with you at the beginning of lessons or private lessons.
  • Present the lesson card corresponding to the day and time to the instructor at the start of each lesson.
  • Arrive on time (5 mins early) at the correct meeting point for your lesson (group or private, any late minutes are part of the lesson).
  • Have your lift pass organised and remember to take to the lessons with you.
  • Have the correct equipment and Insurance cover.

We also thank you for taking note of the following information:

  • Fraudulent use of a lesson card results in its immediate withdrawal.
  • No duplicate will be issued if you lose the lesson card.
  • ESF declines all responsibility for any equipment or bodily accidents that may occur to students. 
  • Weather conditions, breakdowns of ski lifts or other accidents cannot be attributed to the instructors.
  • In the event of the lesson being discontinued beyond our control, no refund will be made.