The mountains are for all!

ESF Flaine is actively involved in teaching disabled people, a practice that requires specific skills.

Discover and share the sensations of skiing on the slopes of the Grand Massif with a instructor and push the boundaries of disabilities.

  • TANDEM SKI : guided by a qualified instructor you can discover the mountains and skiing.
  • UNISKI : allows the person with enough arm strength to be independent after a few ski lessons.

Contact the ski school in advance, to reserve your monitor and equipment.

Handiskireservation only

1 person92 €135 €
1 personn PL during GL(1)126 €186 €*
(1) Private lessons during hours Group Lessons subject to availability of ski instructors.
* price available all season except 29 dec 18 to 6 jan 19 and 9 Feb to 10 March 2019